Opening week 2022

FLY-IN Access:    Makoop Lake Lodge

Fishing, of course, is the draw to this camp.  Guides are not necessary, but they are available should you wish to hire them for the day.  Navigating Makoop Lake is not difficult as there are 3 arms to the lake, making every day a productive fish day regardless of the wind direction.  Each has its own beauty and fishing spots that are easy to spot.  Rocky points, weed beds, neck-downs, a few sand beaches, rocky shoreline and mid lake humps mostly unexplored hold giant 40" plus northern pike.  The Honey Hole or the Grocery Store, about 1/3 mile from camp, is just one of the spots where hundreds of walleye every day are caught and released.  Light to medium heavy tackle, both spinning and casting rods up to 7' long, along with colorful top water surface baits, and jigs are the tackle of choice.  Reels with 6-12# line for walleye, while pike outfits should be rigged for 17-20# line with steel leaders.  We request all hook barbs be crimped for your own safety and that of the released fish.


The lake is a managed trophy lake so C-P-R is encouraged.  Catch, take a Picture, then Release the fish to fight another day.   Barbless hooks protect the fish and make it safer for the fisherman as well.
The attentive Camp Staff will meet you at the dock in the morning to help with any requests and again when you return.  Your "take home" fish if you desire, will be filleted, vacuum packed, and frozen for you.